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DONE: Physical PvP, including skill effects Spell PvP, including… - Red House Games
June 25th, 2004
10:28 pm


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  • Physical PvP, including skill effects

  • Spell PvP, including spell effects

  • Skill system (increases, skill effectiveness, etc)

  • Leveling (stat training, HP based on level, etc)

  • Items (shop, inventory management)

  • TO DO:
  • Design and implement a pet system so you can summon/buy pets

  • PvM combat

  • PvP rating system

  • Random magic item generation

  • Fix DCC

  • Auto/timer/bot prevention

  • Timed events (needed for my current PvM plan)

  • Fix/rebalance physical combat

  • Item degrading/durability

  • Spellcaster items

  • Quests

  • Random Events

It still seems like magic and physical combat is unbalanced, but it's about as good as I'm gonna get it right now. Magic is just unable to keep up with physical damage output. I've tried increasing the cost of all weapons, but it hasn't had time to play out. We'll have to wait until there's some high level players on each end to try rebalancing again.

Not entirely sure what to work on next, besides rebalancing. I'm thinking about doing PvM next. Random events will be easy to code though, probably gonna try that first.

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