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Didn't make any improvements on RPGBot today, for two reasons - one,… - Red House Games
June 26th, 2004
10:06 pm


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Didn't make any improvements on RPGBot today, for two reasons - one, it wouldn't work for half the morning, and two, I spent a lot of today thinking about it.

It seems like a lot of people like RPGBot *just* as a PvP game, and wouldn't care for the PvM that I'm planning. Effectively, RPGBot is becoming a game that I didn't plan on it becoming. This is both cool and bad - bad because, well, I didn't plan on all this so I'm kinda winging a lot of the design decisions right now, and cool, because that leaves me with a decent (at least, I hope it's decent) game and an idea for another good one.

So here's the plan. Before anything else, spells and weapons need to be overhauled, both in respect to damage and in respect to skills. There's a basic problem with the skill system currently. Whenever you perform an action, you get a chance for your skills to go up based on the level of your target. It doesn't matter, though, if you're using hand to hand attacks that have a 45 second cooldown or you're using a huge axe and heavy armor that makes you wait five minutes between attacks (come to think of it, I need to fix quickness as well...it's not good enough). So people who use spells or heavy weapons will have lower skills than those who use quick weapons, which sucks. So that needs to be done. Damage for both weapons and spells were kinda arbitrarily set, with no regard for each other...so I need to run some numbers and figure out exactly what would make a good balance. That means all spells and weapons will most likely end up being redesigned. I also think there's some clunkers, such as shadow. Need to implement necromancy as well...I'll probably make it a life steal skill instead of a pet summoning thingy, since IMO pets don't belong in a pure PvP game.

After that, I'm going to look at a rating system, as well as changing the exp system. I don't like the exp system since it's based on damage for weapons, which can be horribly unfair depending on which weapons are used, and on skill level for spells, which means it's going to be nigh impossible to mach spell exp to weapon exp. Plus I still want a rating system to compare players' performance, instead of just declaring the player with the most exp as the winner of the round, so I'm thinking of something like a 'bounty' system. Every time you attack someone, your bounty increases by 10% of theirs, you gain an equal amount of exp, and their bounty decreases by 5%. If you kill someone, their bounty gets halved, and yours goes up by an equal amount along with exp. Anyone who had an assist, meaning that they attacked the dead guy within the last 5 minutes, gets half of the bounty increase, with exp. Kills/deaths/assists will be tracked. Gold will be done only through the luck skill, and a certain amount of it will be "found" every set amount of time based on your skill. Salvaging will probably be removed.

I still want magic items in the game somehow though, so I'm thinking about possibly adding imbue points. You get one every kill, or every level, or however I decide on doing it. One imbue point lets you enchant one item. You don't get any control over what gets put on it, but before I do that I'll let players sell each other items, so if it's something you don't like you can sell it to someone else. The enchantment will be based on level, so if you want a quick boost early on you can use your imbues as you get them, or if you want to save them to roll on uber items later on, you can do that too.

As for the PvM game, I've got ideas that'll make it more than just "smack monster X until you can smack monster Y". It'll involve PvP elements that also aren't just "smack player X until he's dead, then laugh at him". I want to finish RPGBot first (and give it a real name, god dammit), so it'll be awhile before you see anything else about it.

On a sidenote, comments are enabled here, whether or not you have your own LJ account. If you have any thoughts or whatnot, I'd prefer that you comment on these posts instead of telling me in IRC. I forget a lot of stuff that's told to me and sometimes don't pay attention to PMs, so your best bet is to post it here and lemme get to it later.

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Date:June 26th, 2004 07:23 pm (UTC)

Re: Damage

I'd disagree with you on the "magic not able to keep up with weapons" element of your previous entry. Someone using physical attacks needs to have STR absolutely maxed, majoring all of the offensive skills, PLUS buying a weapon that costs 2x the amount of gold that the enemy's armor did, just to do more than 5 damage per hit. And with a cooldown time of over 2 minutes for swords, it can be quite tiresome. Doing 5 damage per 2 minutes to a mage of equal level (Gaining ~3 exp per hit), while they do 50+ per 1.5 minutes (Gaining 150+ exp per hit), is pointless and tiresome.

I'll give you an example:

[10:39:46] (0.642857142857143) scjohnno swings their Sabre at poop and hits, dealing 5 damage. poop's HP: 402/407. scjohnno gains 18 EXP and 6 gold.

At that time, poop had leather armor, and I (obviously) had a Sabre. My STR was ~22, while he had pumped all of his stats into NTL. Logic says that I'm going to do a bit more damage than that. After buying a Falchion (810 gold, compared to poop's armor worth ~400 gold), I managed to do a max of 21 damage per hit. Also note that I was missing a heck of a lot.

Also, mages in general are overpowered IMHO. A mage can save up all of his money just to buy great armor. Any warriors who attack them will do virtually no damage thanks to the armor, and any mages that attack them will get creamed by the counterattack. A possible solution to this is to make armor defend against magic as well.

Sorry for the long rant, but IMHO weapons are extremely weak :-/

Date:June 26th, 2004 07:36 pm (UTC)

Re: Damage

Armor's supposed to defend against spells, I just forgot to add that in. >_<

Like I said, that's all just due to me setting arbitrary values for damage and such...I need to come up with a good formula to calc all the costs and such instead of just throwing in random numbers and hope they work. With any luck I'll have an idea of what things will look like on Monday.
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